Parents Plays important role in grooming of kids

A family is a group of people united by kinship, whether by blood, marriage or adoption who live together for an indefinite period. It is the basic unit of society. Each family is unique and has its inner workings. In family entertainment is important, funny bedtime stories consider as the best show for a family that brings smiles to face.

The family plays an essential role in the development of the human person, from conception to death, because it is where the personality is formed, in all respects, including physical and also spiritual. However, given the many social changes, the family has been affected in this function, resulting from particular interest the transformation that has experienced the role of parents.

There are differences between the contributions of the father on the mother, leading to the conclusion that their roles are complementary within the family.

Culturally the role of the mother in the upbringing and care of children is privileged. their presence is valued, especially when they are small, particularly in low-income families.

The mother is the principal dispenser of affection and understanding, while educator of children. Mom is the containment of the family is the unity between father and children, often makes a “bridge” between them. Most of the time the mother is the one who worries about feeding the children, their health, education, hygiene and social behavior.

The mother of “Today” in many cases had to go to work and neglect their role, due to economic problems that cross the current situation, so that in many families has also taken on the role of provider, so both both parents should share the responsibility of parenting.

The father (ideally) has the role of being the provider of the family, it is the manager, serves as the normative, who disclosed the most important rules of the house, and so it is called the “head family, household head .”

At present apart from these roles the father entered a new stage, now being involved with the education of their children, which was previously the only role of the mother.

Children are the continuation of the family; their role is to train this couple (who joined in marriage), in parents, trained as such giving affection.

Son 1: parents train their parents.

Son 2, 3 (brothers): These confirm the role of the first child, and have the role to share and socialize, recalling that the family is the primary socializing agent, and then face the world.

Vale of story reading

Stimulate the imagination. Children learn a lot with bedtime stories for girlfriend by fantasy and magic that awakened.

They stimulate language. Add words to their vocabulary and learn different expressions. You remember key phrases such as ‘to look better’ or ‘better to eat you.’

The bonds will be stronger. The connection that links a father and son will be much stronger¬†thanks to these children ‘s stories, they have passed since the end of the day together, have laughed at the same jokes and have amazed with the same events.

They will be prepared for the difficulties of life. The children ‘s stories show small and large that life is not as simple as we would like, and that will always be present events that are not to our liking. These short stories full of animals and fictional characters show us that is in our hands tonight these events.

They learn the value of being good. In fairy tales there are always good and bad, and the good guys always win while the bad guys always lose. Small arrive at this conclusion.

 They will learn different morals. Not to talk to strangers or eat food from others, for example.Children will be aware of the different morals that such stories can teach. It is always helpful for parents to ask their children what they learned with each story.
Passion for reading. Reading is very important to train and learn something new every day, and what better way to acquire this habit since childhood reading?